Clubster for Private Clubs

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Private ClubsProvide members with the personal attention they expect from their private club.

Clubster is the mobile communication social network that keeps your private club private.

Simple – Our simple interface allows users of all levels to easily access the site from all computers, smartphones, and iPads.

Private – Unlike other social media sites, our totally secure network insures your member’s information remains strictly confidential.

Affordable – Clubster provides your club a complete robust communication system for a low annual fee, which includes valuable one-on-one setup and training, along with all Clubster support and easy-to-use administrative tools.

Clubs need to be social:

Clubster allows you to:

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Clubster Features for Private Clubs

Club News

Club Staff News

Post latest club news and announcements

Connect with your members in real time

Club Events

Club Staff Events

Invite members to club events, create event guest lists

Promote clubhouse usage, better engage with your members


Club Staff Alerts

Send alerts to members with important information

Keep your members informed in real time

Private Messages

Club Staff Private Messages

Send private messages, personally interacting with club members.

Better communications, happier members


Club Staff Links

Share links from club staff, reach out to members with helpful advice and information

Provide personal service, build member loyalty