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This year the National Club Association created a Special Report entitled “2010 Trends and Issues – A Private Club Perspective”.

This report delves into very important issues currently facing the private club industry and touches on subjects like changing economics, demographics, lifestyles and member expectations.  It states quite clearly that:  “Clubs must remain cognizant of these changes to be able to plan for the future and adjust to the changing attitudes of current and potential members.”

The report addresses why members join a private club, and what they are looking for.   “Members are looking for family-centered opportunities to learn, connect, have outdoor adventure, enjoy healthy experiences and have interaction with diverse groups.”

Members are demanding new and different types of club services.  Members are looking for smartphone reservations and communications, family friendly golf, exercise and wellness, food for convenience and health, safe and fun social networking, and lifestyle services.

(You may note the continued use of words like smartphones, communications, social networking, etc.)

Additionally, as it relates to food and dining, the report states “Technology is playing a part in the decision of where to dine out with the family. Whether a club promotes its menu on its website or uses a form of social media, more and more clubs recognize that members use the Web to browse menus, make reservations and seek recommendations.”

We have designed Clubster to be the solution to many of these communication and technology challenges.  

And you can be a part of it.  Look for our launch coming in 2011.

To view the Executive Summary of the report:

2010 Trends and Issues – A Private Club Perspective

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