The Truth About Facebook

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The Truth About Facebook

Wow…the information keeps pouring in on the way social media is changing our world. Facebook is just everywhere. And the stats are there to back it up.

In a recent article called “The Truth About Facebook: 18 Charts Reveal All You Need To Know”, a very insightful report was released by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

“Bank Of America Merrill Lynch (BofA) released a big report on the way Americans are using Facebook and other social services.

We’ve assembled a bunch of cool Facebook charts from the report.

The key takeaways from BofA:

– Facebook is used by almost all Americans at this point. 96% of the people surveyed say they use Facebook.

– Facebook has a tremendous opportunity to disrupt daily deals companies like LivingSocial and Groupon. Facebook users are interested in learning more about local deals and businesses.

– Facebook usage is hurting Yahoo more than Google. Google usage is flat to up from Facebook users, but portal site usage is down.

BofA surveyed 418 U.S. consumers under the age of 50 and says survey participants “roughly resemble” the U.S. population.”

I found that from Clubster’s point of view…the most interesting chart says that Facebooks most useful feature is “keeping tabs on your friends”. This exactly mirrors our internal research related to club members wanting to keep in touch with club activities and club members, but currently have no “convenient” way to do it.

Clubster’s nothing, if it’s not “convenient”.

Read more the entire story:

The Truth About Facebook/a>

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