Clubster for Private Clubs

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club-ster [klub’ster] – noun , pl (s)
1. an affluent, active, educated, well-traveled, and discerning person.
2. A person who is a member of a fashionable private club.
3. A friendly, sociable person.
[Middle English…clubbe’ster, from Old Norse…
klubba’ster, from Modern English…one cool dude (dudette)]

Clubster is the first social solution for thousands of private clubs worldwide connecting millions of like-minded private club members. Clubster allows private clubs to communicate in real time with their members providing all of the benefits of social engagement while building member loyalty and identification.

Clubster sponsorship opportunities are designed first and foremost to provide exclusive and value-added benefits to Clubsters both locally and globally. Our sponsorships offer providers customized and creative ways to engage with private club members, building brand association, visibility, and loyalty. Clubster is willing to think outside of the box, to create programs based on your company’s business and marketing objectives.