Clubster Releases Full-Featured Android App!

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Clubster – now available on all iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Tablets

Irving, TX – Clubster, the most powerful and private social media communication platform for the Private Club Industry, will release its full-featured native Android app on August 18, 2013, making Clubster the fully “mobile” solution for any private membership club or organization in the world.   This completes the final step of the roll-out phase, anticipated by hundreds of private clubs that are eager to introduce Clubster to their members.


Clubster is an exclusive private social network designed to provide private clubs with their own social platform, offering a flexible and effective way to engage members.  The Clubster platform works in conjunction with a club’s existing website, email and newsletter systems to provide a complete club communication strategy.   Clubster provides real-time mobile access to club news, events and promotions. Each club is able to customize Clubster for its specific needs, which provides the opportunity for members to form club groups by interest (e.g., golf groups, tennis partners, fitness classes)

“One of the most important features of Clubster is its privacy,” stated Donald N. Williams, Clubster CEO. “Clubs and their members place significant importance on the privacy guidelines of any and all communication that takes place, and this goal is achieved with Clubster.”

According to Williams, a recent IRS position paper stated: “Under IRS code, clubs with 501(c)(3) or (7) status must be very cautious about using social media sites or platforms designed for use by the general public, as such use could jeopardize a club’s privacy status.”   Clubster is considered the safest and most secure communication network in the market. Only those members of a club who are “invited” to access Clubster can view the information from and interact with their specific club.  Clubs and their members feel comfort in knowing that information stays private and cannot go “viral”.

Clubster has been implementing private clubs onto its web platform and its iPhone app for the past several months.   Currently over 150 clubs are already set up on the Clubster cloud-based network, representing tens of thousands of member users.    Brooke Price, the Director of Communications for Lubbock Country Club in Lubbock, TX, stated, “my members absolutely love the instant communication and push notifications they receive from the club on their iPhones and iPads.   During our most recent golf tournament, our members enjoyed constant notifications of tournament updates, tee times and results.  The Android app has been widely anticipated and will be a welcome addition for many of our members.  I believe every private club will benefit from being on Clubster.”

The continued growth of Clubster is validation that a truly private social media network represents an important trend in the way private club members want to share, learn and connect with their clubs, as well as fellow members.   According to Michael Gold, Clubster CTO, “The addition of both the native iPhone and Android apps are a significant milestone in the growth and future of Clubster.   Clubster is a feature-rich mobile communication platform that includes all of latest technology, and will continue to grow, adding cool features to serve the needs of private clubs and their members worldwide.  The simple fact is, just like any other social media, people want it all in palm of their hand. The Clubster mobile apps now deliver this opportunity with incredible power and functionality.”

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