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A terrific article has been written by a long time friend of Clubster, Paul Hattimer.

Paul Hattimer, CCM is the General Manager of Pine Hills Country Club in Sheboygan, WI and a recognized leader in club communications and technology.

Paul hits the nail on the head on how Clubster can totally change how you communicate with your members.

Here are a couple of highlights:

“Mobile, Mobile, Mobile – the best way to get your message to your members is through their mobile devices.  This is the number one reason to use a robust “free” mobile app like Clubster, which allows you to tap members on the shoulder with brevity and frequency on their smartphones and tablets.”

“Groups, Groups, Groups – let’s face it; private clubs are all made up of smaller groups of members divided by interest, age, or other reasons.  Perhaps no other channel of club communication provides a better ability to segment the market than Clubster.  With Clubster all members can create private groups.  But in addition, Clubster offers another unique feature, “Club Groups”.  Club Groups can be used to divide your members by common interests or purpose, like Senior Golfers, Ladies Tennis League, and fitness classes to name a few.  They can be easily set up, add members, or even allow members to join themselves.  Then the group has its own platform to communicate through group messaging, alerts and special group events.”

This is a good read…

To view the entire article click here:

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