Learning to like Clubster (and Facebook too)

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Just stumbled on this article, which s a common question from private clubs.

Why not just set up  Facebook page for our club?…Well there are multiple reasons why Clubster is totally different from a Facebook page.  One on them is privacy.

But one thing Facebook is really good at is photo sharing.  And if photo sharing is something your private club in comfortable with, we at Clubster say “good for you”…”go for it”.

And as a matter of fact, it works perfectly, because you can use Clubster to link anything, including linking to your Facebook page and photos.

So, dont’ get Facebook and Clubster confused…some clubs like Clubster because of the privacy.  But others may want to have a Facebook page…go for it…but use Clubster for your private member communcations…this is something Facebook cannot do.

Check out the article here:

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