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With Clubster your members will have instant access to news, events, and announcements! And Clubster is completely private!

Clubster features include:

  • Post Club News, Events and Announcements- share photos, videos, flyers and documents in real time in a newsfeed environment
  • Easy access to Club resources & event calendars and RSVPs
  • Segmented communications with groups within your Club
  • User Private Messaging and Friends features
  • Users can customize the receipt of mobile push and email notifications via mobile app or desktop applications
  • Clubs can create content from their phones or computer
  • Private - no advertising, no data mining - the Club controls which Staff can create Content

With Clubster your Club members can make new friends and build relationships within your Club’s community.

So go ahead and jump in! Let's make some memories together! We can't wait to see you around Clubster!